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Upper Cervical Treatment for Median and Ulnar Neuropathy


At Pierce Upper Cervical Chiropractic, we specialize in providing Upper Cervical Care to help numbness and tingling in the neck, shoulder, arm or hands. There are 3 major nerves that supply the sensation and control of your hands. All three of these nerves, the median, ulnar and radial, originate from your neck.


From your neck, these nerves have a long way to travel to reach the tips of your fingers. Throughout this pathway, these nerves have the potential to become entrapped or have pressure put on the by surrounding structures, this is often referred to as a "pinched nerve". The most common areas for these nerves to be impinged are the neck, shoulder, elbow or hand. 


It is our job to figure out where the problem is and take the pressure off of the nerve so that it can restore its proper function naturally. When the pressure is taken off of the nerve, the numbness, tingling, burning, weakness sensations will begin to subside.

Common symptoms associated with these nerve entrapments are one or more of the following:

  • Radicular pain that radiates into the arm

  • Pins-and-needles tingling in the arm, shoulder or hand

  • Neck pain associated with the nerve compression

  • Burning or stabbing pain in your hands

  • Numbness that travels down the arm

  • Weakness that may involve different muscles of the arm or hand

Ulnar Nerve Anatomy

How Our Chiropractors Can Help

Our Chiropractors have advanced training on the Cervical spine. Our method of treatment is very precise and gentle, with no forceful manipulations of the spine. By gently realigning the Cervical vertebra and releasing any soft tissue entrapments, the pressure is removed off of the nerve roots and healing to the nerve can occur. 

The pain and numbness went away after a couple of adjustments, and hasn't come back. I've also noticed an unexpected benefit of treatment with him- I have so much more energy and feel overall healthier now that I'm better aligned. He also got rid of my mom's vertigo and neuropathy. He is really knowledgeable and clear in how he explains things, and he's honest and kind. I would highly recommend Dr. Randy for anyone looking for good chiropractic care.

Liz J.

About 3 months ago I started experiencing numbness in my right hand that was both debilitating and unnerving. Around the same time I noticed a clicking sound in the left side of my neck. A friend of mine recommended Dr. Culig after he successfully treated her for nerve pain. Dr. Culig was able to identify the problematic discs in my cervical spine and after just one adjustment the numbness and pain was completely gone. I visited two times a week for six weeks and gradually Dr. Culig, through both gentle adjustments and deep tissue focused massage has managed to realign my cervical spine

Tim H.

After dealing with neck/shoulder and arm pain that I'd been experiencing for a long time, I was tired of the same treatment I was receiving from my Primary Care Physicians. Typically, nothing was done to find what was actually the “source” of my pain. Instead they were prescribing one drug after the other to alleviate the “symptoms”, achieving very little, if any, relief . I can report that my results were almost immediate and within weeks of seeing Dr. Culig I was able to do things I hadn't done in months, and in some instances, years with little or no pain. Without hesitation, I would highly recommend Pierce Upper Cervical, Dr. Culig and his wonderful staff to anyone experiencing continuous headaches/upper neck/shoulder and arm pain.

Maria L.

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