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Clinical Massage with 

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Our in house massage therapists are trained in neuromuscular and clinical massage by Bodymedics. This type of massage aims to get to the root cause of your soft tissue problems by releasing adhesions and trigger points within the muscles. 

Benefits of Clinical Massage

Bodymedics therapists are trained to release tightness by lengthening muscles with specific clinical massage. This method brings blood flow to the muscles, increases flexibility, reduces pain and releases trigger points. This practice reduces recovery time from injury and allows for greater flexibility to prevent future occurrences.


To learn more visit the Bodymedics website here:

Shoulder Massage
Back Massage

Should I book a massage before or after an adjustment?

If you are planning to book both services the same day or within a few days of one another, it is best to book a massage before your adjustment. This will allow all of the muscles that attach to the vertebra to become relaxed and fluid, allowing for a more effective adjustment.


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