How many visits will I need?

As you can imagine, this will vary from person to person. The Doctor will create an individualized treatment plan once they see what your specific needs are. These initial plans will range anywhere from 4-12 treatments.

Once I go to a Chiropractor, will I have to go forever?

We hope not. The good news is that more visits do not make you better. It is holding the adjustment that allows your body to heal like it was intended to. We believe that long-term Chiropractic should be like a dental office, 2-4 times a year at most.

Are the adjustments safe?

Yes. We take all precautions prior to any adjusting is done to the spine. When it does come time to perform the adjustment, we use less than 5 lbs of force and there is no twisting, cracking or popping of the spine.

What types of conditions can you help with?

Here is a list of the most common conditions that we see and have great success with can be viewed HERE. We have seen several other conditions, just not as commonly. If you have a specific question, please contact us to see if we could help or we can refer you to the right place.

Why do you require imaging to before an adjustment?

The Cervical spine/neck has some of the most vital structures in the human body and is extremely complex and delicate. For this reason, we want to make sure we thouroughly analyze the C-spine prior to any corrections being made. The gold-standard to analyze the C-spine is with 3-dimensional imaging, which we convienently have on site.

Does the CBCT scan expose me to a lot of radiation?

The technology of our CBCT scan works much differently than a traditional CT scanner that you would find in a hospital. The updated technology of a CBCT scanner uses minimal radiation to recreate the image. In fact, our traditional x-ray views emit a greater amount of radiation than our new CBCT scanner: 4-5 X-ray scans = 1 CBCT scan 20 x-ray scans = The amount of radiation that you absorb flying across the US (you are exposed to radiation on any plane flight)

If I have Ehlers Danlos Syndrome or Hypermobile Joints is it safe for me to receive treatments?

Yes. Although traditional manipulations of the spine can be harmful to patients with hypermobility, our adjustments are much different. We will never take the joint passed it's normal range of motion, which is where most injury occurs. Our adjustments are gentle, precise and do not involve any twisting movement.