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Upper Cervical Treatment in Atlanta

What to expect on your journey to health


Visit #1

At your initial visit, you will sit down with the doctor for a detailed consultation and evaluation. A series of functional and structural tests will be performed in order to determine if the problem(s) that  you are experiencing may be coming from your neck.


We will then take a Cone-Beam CT (3D) image. This scan will capture a high resolution image of your head and neck. We are able to see very fine details with this imaging, including identifying and measuring any spinal misalignments down to the millimeter.


This visit will take approximately 1 hour and your initial visit will conclude after the scan has been taken. Please bring any previous MRI, CT or X-rays that you may have for the doctor to review (only scans that have been taken within the last 2 years).

The cost of the initial visit is $375


Visit #2

After the doctor has had time to analyze your images, you will return for a second visit to review the findings. The doctor will sit down with you and go over your image findings as well as discuss the plan of care. You will also receive your first treatment on this day and should expect to spend about 1 hour at our office. After the treatment, you can go about your day as normal but there will be special precautions to follow that your doctor will go over with you.


This visit is typically done on a separate day than the initial visit, but if you are an out-of-town guest special accommodations can be arranged.

The cost of the 2nd visit is $175


Follow-up Visits

Your follow-up visits will begin with the doctor asking you how you have been responding to treatment, based on your symptoms. We do ask that you keep a log of your symptoms so that we can track them just as we are tracking our other indicators inside the office.

Each treatment will vary based on how the adjustments are holding. You will not receive an upper cervical adjustment every visit. The goal of these adjustments are long-term holding and stabilization.

If you are holding your adjustment on a follow up visit, the doctor will work on other areas of your body. This may include soft-tissue work or lower spinal adjustments such as hips or mid-back using low-forced techniques. We do check all areas of the spine, but have our specific focus on the upper cervical spine. Any follow-up visits after the initial treatment, will range from 15-30 minutes.


Every person is unique and will respond differently to the treatment but on average, individuals will feel positive changes within 0-4 weeks of beginning treatment. The number and frequency of follow-up visits will be based on how quickly you begin to "hold" your adjustments. 


The cost of each visit is $95

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