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Upper Cervical Treatment and Vertigo

Vertigo is the medical term for severe dizziness or feeling a spinning sensation in the body. A person may feel as though the world is spinning around them. They may also feel as if they are spinning around, even as they stand still.

There are several potential causes of Vertigo due to the complex nature of our vestibular system. These potential causes could be due to inner ear dysfunction, vestibular nerve dysfunction or neck dysfunction. The upper cervical area, in particular, is a vulnerable area in the neck. 

The upper neck has the 2nd highest concentration of "proprioceptors" in our body. These "proprioceptors" send signals to our brain about where our head and body are in space. If there is a misalignment in the upper neck, it can cause these proprioceptors to malfunction, and therefore cause spatial awareness distortions such as vertigo and dizziness

A person with vertigo being caused by neck dysfunction may also experience signs and symptoms such as:

  • pressure at the base of the skull

  • a "clear" brain and/or cervical spine MRI

  • neck pain or reduced range of motion

  • headache

  • ear pain

  • ringing in ears

  • nausea

  • vomiting

  • difficulty concentrating/brain fog

How Our Chiropractors Can Help

Pierce Upper Cervical uses a revolutionary healthcare procedure that focuses on the Upper Cervical Spine. This procedure identifies subtle misalignments of the top vertebrae in the neck and corrects them using a light-force instrument adjustment.


Correcting the misalignments in the neck can correct cervical vertigo at the source, leading to long-term relief of symptoms associated with vertigo. 


Our vertigo patients report an average of 79% improvement in just 6-8 weeks of care in our office (as of 3/21/23). 

I highly recommend Pierce Upper Cervical and especially Dr. Culig.  After having issues with Vertigo for over a year and not being able to find a cure, I was happy to find Pierce Chiropractic!  Dr. Culig's thoughtful approach to spinal care has cured my Vertigo issues! The doctors at Pierce Chiropractic Center are professional but also very kind and their main concern is finding a cure for their patients.

Laura J.

I have been seeing Dr. Culig for about 6 months to help me with vertigo issues. The Upper Cervical approach along with the Soft Tissue Treatment have made an incredible difference in my health. Dr. Culig takes his time with each patient and truly seems to care deeply about our well-being. I highly recommend Dr. Culig if you are having migraine, vertigo or other issues with your neck and/or back. He has changed my life!!! 

Adam L.

I found Dr Culig through my niece who has been dealing with migraine headaches her whole life. It was a miracle for her.
And it was a miracle for me , the Pierce upper Cervical approach gave me what I needed . My old bones cannot take the aggressive twisting of the neck to get the adjustment . I go in and Dr Culig makes the adjustment with a small handheld tool that causes a compression type adjustment. No manual manipulation. Recently I had my first attack of vertigo. He fixed it with the same technique.

Jeanne J. 

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