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Treatment for Cervical Vertigo

Vertigo is the medical term for severe dizziness or feeling a spinning sensation in the body.

A person may feel as though the world is spinning around them. They may also feel as if they are spinning around, even as they stand still.

Vertigo often comes about due to an inner ear problem or other condition, which may throw off the body’s center of balance. However, with cervical vertigo, the cause of the dizziness is in the neck.

Cervical vertigo itself is generally a symptom of an underlying issue, such as a neck injury. A person will often experience symptoms of dizziness after a triggering event, typically from turning their head suddenly. This dizziness may last for a few minutes to a few hours.

A person with cervical vertigo may also experience symptoms such as:

Symptoms may be worse in some people after they exercise, or after minor things such as sneezing or getting up too fast.

There are a few different causes of cervical vertigo, such as trauma to the neck or poor posture. Our treatment involves addressing the underlying structural issues that tend to accompany cervical vertigo. 

How Our Chiropractors Can Help

Pierce Upper Cervical uses a revolutionary healthcare procedure that focuses on the Upper Cervical Spine. This procedure identifies subtle misalignments of the top vertebrae in the neck and corrects them using a light-force instrument adjustment.


Correcting the misalignments in the neck will correct cervical vertigo at the source, leading to long-term relief of symptoms associated with cervical vertigo. 


Our vertigo patients report an average of 85% improvement in just 6-8 weeks of care in our office. 

From One of Our Patients

I highly recommend Piece Chiropractic Center and especially Dr. Randy Culig.  After having issues with Vertigo for over a year and not being able to find a cure, I was happy to find Pierce Chiropractic!  Dr. Culig's thoughtful approach to spinal care has cured my Vertigo issues! The doctors at Pierce Chiropractic Center are professional but also very kind and their main concern is finding a cure for their patients.

– Laura J

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