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Upper Cervical Chiropractor, DCCJP

Dr. Culig founded Pierce Upper Cervical in honor of his late grandfather, Dr. Walter V Pierce, who practiced and innovated within the Chiropractic profession for over 30 years.


Dr. Culig has a passion for treating the Cervical spine, having completed a 3-year post graduate program that focuses on the cranio-cervical junction (upper cervical spine). It is currently the highest level of training that one can receive in the specific region of study and he is the only Doctor in the Atlanta Metro area to be fully certified as a Diplomate in Cranio-Cervical Junction Procedures (DCCJP). 


He has thoroughly studied the most advanced Upper Cervical Chiropractic techniques including; NUCCA, Blair Chiropractic Technique, Atlas Orthogonal  and the Pierce Results System


Dr. Culig was one of the first Upper Cervical Chiropractors to utilize 3D CBCT imaging in his practice and he teaches doctors all around the country on how to utilize this technology. Aside from his passion for advanced technology and the Upper Cervical Spine, Dr. Culig has a specific interest in treating patients with Migraines and Trigeminal Neuralgia. He has successfully treated hundreds of these types of patients through specific Upper Cervical corrections. 


Outside of the office, he enjoys scuba diving, basketball, continuing education and spending quality time with his family.

Dr. Randy Culig
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