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Upper Cervical Treatment and Migraine Headaches

Patient Stories - Upper Cervical Treatment and Migraine Headaches

Research-Backed Migraine Treatment


The upper neck is the area of your spine where the Cranium meets the first vertebrae, Atlas (C1).  It is a critical area for blood and nerve flow to and from the brain. Recently, there have been several studies conducted by both the field of medicine as well as the field of chiropractic regarding the correlation between Migraines and dysfunction of the upper neck.


Dr. Scott Rosa, an Upper Cervical Chiropractor, has been conducting research with Dr. Raymond Damadian, a Medical Doctor and inventor of the MRI, and what they have discovered could give those who suffer from migraines the answer that they have been searching for. By using upright MRI’s, Blood Flow and CSF studies, they believe they have found one of the major causes of migraine headaches.

Dr. Rosa and Dr. Damadian have provided studies with images to show how the upper neck misalignment is affecting the flow of spinal fluid as well as blood flow. What is more impressive is that Dr. Rosa has also provided images after adjusting the upper neck that show a complete reversal of the condition.


Dr. Damadian has even stated publicly that adjusting the Atlas (C1) is a missing link in health care. While chiropractors, who specialize in the correction of the upper neck, have always had great success with migraine sufferers, this new research can pinpoint the exact reason why.

Our innovative approach to migraine relief focuses on the cause, not just a temporary cover up. We have presented a small research study here: Migraine Presentation DDCJP.pdf

In this study we have tracked 13 consecutive patients over a 3-month treatment period. These patients reported a 75% improvement in the frequency of their Migraines. This data was collected by surveying patients before and after treatment utilizing an assessment form known as MIDAS. 

Upper Cervical C1 Atlas
Upper Cervical and Migraine

Signs and symptoms of migraine related to neck pain/dysfunction include:

  • tightness and stiffness in the neck

  • a reduced range of neck movement

  • headaches that worsen when you apply pressure to certain parts of the neck

  • pain located on one side of the head only

  • pain that spreads from the back of the head and neck up to the front

  • headache pain behind the eyes

How Our Doctors Can Help

Upper Cervical Exam and Analysis

With the newfound research and ability to correct upper cervical misalignments, we are giving new hope to individuals suffering from this debilitating condition.

Pierce Upper Cervical Chiropractic uses a revolutionary healthcare procedure that focuses on the Upper Cervical Spine. This procedure utilizes CBCT imaging to identify and measure the misalignments in the upper cervical region of the neck.




We then use this imaging to help guide us in correcting those misalignments using a light-force instrument adjustment. These corrections have led to the restoration of fluid flow and relief from migraines.

We also utilize trigger point release techniques in the surrounding soft tissue that may also be contributing to  your Migraine symptoms.

Aside from our research study posted above, we have many satisfied patients who were able to decrease or eliminate their Migraines under our care.

Upper Cervical Treatment

Patient Stories

Pierce Upper Cervical Chiropractic is incredible! My dentist referred me to Dr. Culig due to the persistent jaw pain and migraines I've had for years. Dr. Culig evaluated my condition and in just under 2 months my jaw pain and migraines have completely stopped. Their treatment is simple and effective, easily recognizing the problems.

Alex T.

I was experiencing terrible migraines and missing lots of work before a friend referred me to Dr. Culig. After seeing neurologists and having MRIs done with no root cause, Dr. Culig was able to identify and fix my problems. I’ve been migraine free and medication free for months now!

Rachel C.

One of my colleagues became tired of seeing me struggle with migraines and sinus headaches so he made me an appt with Dr. Culig. After my initial visit with Dr. Culig I was impressed with him and his office so I decided to return for my follow up. That was about 8 visits ago and I have been amazed with the results. 

Dennis P.

Dr. Culig and his team are amazing, meticulous, and professional. After suffering with migraines for several years, I finally made an appointment. From the very beginning, Dr. Culig was patient and detailed with our appointments, taking the time to explain possibilities for my condition, as well as the prognosis for my treatment plan. The technique that's used is much more precise than just snapping/twisting your neck, and has helped me achieve nearly five months (and counting) of no migraines!​

Andrea S.

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